The San Tan Adobe Company

  • 50% deposit required on sales with construction deadlines.  Inventory sales subject to availability of fully cured adobe.

  • Balance of large orders ( house orders) will be paid off in full when the order is moved to the stack yard.  San Tan Adobe will sit on your specific order, ready to deliver it, after full payment is received.

  • Lab report on our normal compression results are #500 + Wet Compression and #75 + Modulus of Rupture.  Available on request for Building Safety Officials.

  • Breakage guaranteed not to exceed 4% at the time of delivery.  Normal breakage rate is less than 2%.

  • Pallets are $15.00 each and are non-refundable.

  • Please let us know about your intended adobe brick use when you break ground. The adobe in the stack yard is usually spoken for and is in the process of supplying a job.

  • San Tan Adobe is available wholesale with a signed and dated  Arizona Department of Revenue Tax Exempt form on file. Masonry Contractors and Landscapers and other legitimate users of our material for re-sale will be approved for direct    wholesale pricing. 

  • Pallets will be picked up free of charge if they are neatly stacked, 10 high, in an accessible area for our driver to pick up.  This free service is only  available if you are receiving another load of product from San Tan Adobe anyway.  

  • Please make every attempt to be on site for at least the first delivery to show our driver where to put the adobe, mortar or plaster. It's easy to put it in just slightly the wrong place and it is so heavy...

  • Take-offs for your project are done ASAP and will be as close as we can to the estimated delivery times/charges. If the delivery time is higher or lower we will make the adjustments as necessary.

  • Adobe pavers should only be used in dry climates with little to no rain and should be sealed with only San Tan Adobe Sealer. This sealer should be applied at time of install and repeated every year there after. Any use of other sealers than what is recommended voids any product warranty. 

  •  Adobe products are unique.  There will be variances in size, color, texture, and shrinkage crack which may cause irregularities in the wall surfaces but do not impact the structural integrity of the wall. Therefore , modifications to (allowances in) the contract will not be made as a result of such occurrences.

  • We do not quote large projects and guarantee the adobe ordered will complete the project.  We do our best to accurately estimate the adobe needed for the project.